Professional Production PP 4L Small Plastic Bucket in Drums/Barrels/Pails

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Material Virginal PP
Dimension(cm) (Top dia*Height*Bottom dia) 18.6*17.9*16.4
Thickness(cm) 0.12
Weight(g) 255g
Volume 4 Liter
Handle Plastic
Lid Flat plastic lid with tear-off seal strip
MOQ 1000

We have our own factory,stable parts in stock,support sample processing  and producing according to customers' sample.

If you find the goods can't be used because of quality problem,we can replace it for free.

All products will be tested strictly to be sure all them are perfect in condition.

Plastic buckets can be made by injection molding or blow molding.As with ordinary plastic products, only after plasticizing, injection mold filling, cooling, solidification and stripping, the bucket body injection molding can be completed. As the forming process of iron bucket is relatively complex, the plastic bucket costs are lower than iron buckets.

How to use the  buckets:

(1) Fill the buckets with products and place the matching cover on the barrel mouth.

(2) Use a rubber hammer to hit the edge of the cover of the buckets, close the seam up to 10cm long, rotate 180 degrees, continue to hit the other edge of the cover of the buckets, after reaching the specified length, rotate around and knock until the cover and the buckets are all sealed.

(3) When open, use screw knife to pry the sealing strip and tear the security ring by hand.

(4) Step on the right foot in the center of the cover of the barrel, two hands grasp the security ring tear, along the barrel around the upward pull, until all open.

It can be widely used in chemical industry, coating, lubricating oil, glue, milky white glue, ink, construction glue, food, washing powder, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, oil and other industries that need plastic packaging.

Buckets are made of high quality PP(polypropylene) material by injection molding. This plastic bucket appearance bright and clean, high strength, good sealing;Corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, aging resistance, uniform thickness, bright color, is better packaging products.


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