The Importance of Lubricating Oil in the Compressor


Lubricating oil is the essential to the service life of air compressor. 80% of failure is caused by improper use of lubricating oil. 

As we all know, air compressor oil plays a pivotal role in the operation of air compressor.38VM


There are many uses of lubricated oil :

1.Cooling: the air compressor will produce a lot of heat when working, and the oil will play the role of heat dissipation.

2.Lubrication: the oil on the metal surface is equal to a protective film to reduce wear, No. 46 is  thicker than No.32 can better protect the metal surface ,   

  especially when cold start.

3.Sealing: lubricating oil in crankcase of piston main engine can reduce leakage.

4.Sound reduction: reduce the noise of the main engine operation.


How often does a compressor change its oil? 

The service life of air compressor oil is mostly determined by its own base oil category.The service cycle set

by the manufacturer is generally the standard working condition of the air compressor (clean air, operating temperature within 95 degrees, normal operation

of the air compressor, etc.), and bad working conditions will shorten the life of the oil products.In the after-sales market must understand the oil history of the

air compressor, if the previous oil problems or the use of not a regular brand of oil, please be sure to handle properly.Because inferior oil oxides will remain in

the machine, seriously affecting the service life of the new oil. 

There will be some problems occur if the oil is not so good.

1. Glue

If the air compressor  base oil is not good, there will be more gray matter of impurity  inside , this kind of material is easily oxidized, through high temperature and

air oxidation, form oil sludge like tar , When it’s serious it will cause air compressor head stopping work, holding in death of common sticking precursors are compressed

air smell, air compressor running current is high. 

2. carbon

Under the high temperature operation of the air compressor, especially after more than 95 degrees, the light oil recombination will separate. After oxidation, the lacquer

will be adsorbed on the surface of the parts, which will clog the fine oil separator, wear and tear of the oil seal and leak oil, and shorten the service life of the bearing. 

3.oil emulsification

The air compressor runs at a low temperature for a long time, and the water in the machine can not be evaporated in time. The mixture of oil and water emulsifies into

a liquid like milk. 

4. the air outlet oil content is high

Oil and gas separation is poor, base oil hydride is more, making it difficult to separate from compressed air. 

5. The color of the old oil is abnormal

Usually the color of the oil will turn dark red or black, but if the color purple indicates that the oil additive is not used properly, it is recommended to replace the oil in time.

A unqualified air compressor maintenance will  accelerate the aging of air compressor equipment. Air compressor maintenance, must not only focus on price .

After all, once the oil gelation, emulsification andother situations, it will be  difficult to clean up.





Post time: Aug-03-2021