Operation and adjustment of semi-automatic bottle blowing machine

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1. Installation of mold
This machine adopts Front active plate and Middle fixing plate system.There are holes
for hoist on the upper plane of the mold,they are used for the installation and discharging of
the mold. Firstly,turn on the power of the machine,then enter the manual state by pressing
the button on the computer operation panel.Secondly,with special rings,put the mold into the
machine,make sure that the upper part of mold is parallel with the upper part of front
active plate or 2cm lower than the upper part of front active plate, the distance between
Front active plate and right and left sides of mold is equal, fasten it with bolts. Then put on
another half to match them. Press “Close mould” button to tighten mold plate. Check if the
Mold-clamping connecting rod is in position(at horizontal). If not, adjust the bolts of Rear
fixing plate to make the Mold-clamping connecting rod at horizontal.
2. Adjusting of Stretching rod
The stretch rod should be upright with each blowing mold cavity and be placed in the
middle of each blowing mold cavity. The rod tip shall tightly touch the bottom of mold and
extend for the same length with the bottom of mold. For left-right and up-down adjustment,
you can operate the adjustment bolts on the upper part of Stretching rod and the fastening
bolts sealing cylinder. For front-back adjustment, you can operate the adjustment bolts
behind the stretching bracket, first loose the connection bolts between the stretching rod
and bracket.
3.Heating of preforms
Turn on the power and start up the Blow Molding Machine, rotate the Infrared heater,
set the temperature of Temperature controller, adjust the distance and height between the
heating lamp tube and preforms according to various specifications of preforms , select
proper rotating speed, pre-heat the heater. When the temperature reaches stipulated
temperature, adjust voltage of each heating lamp zone, put several preforms for trial heating,
when the preforms is taken out and press with the finger,if it shows good elastic, then put
the preforms heated to bottle mold for trial blowing, if the quality conform with specification,
enter into batch production.
4. Adjusting of Blow Molding Machine
Connect the Blow Molding Machine with power supply, then connect the air compressor.
Enter manual state,press each button on the keyboard in turn to check their actions 

respectively before installing the molds.Under normal production, the machine will complete
all actions automatically by pressing the two Start-up buttons(green color) on the horizontal
control panel. There are also two Scram button on the horizontal control panel which could
be pressed to stop the machine immediately if required. Two pressure gauge at the top of
machine will display the blowing pressure and action pressure respectively.

Post time: Aug-28-2021