Nanjing Shangai won the China Industrial Design Award

Intelligent symmetric balanced PET bottle blowing compressor designed and developed by Nanjing Shangai is a high performance air compressor product.

With its excellent stability and energy saving, it stands out and has won the China Industrial Design Award.In the competition with tens of thousands of

industrial products, as well as many military, aerospace, high-speed rail and other products, it has gained a place for the traditional compressor industry products.


China Excellent Industrial Design Award is an award sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is an authoritative award in the field of

industrial design in China and represents the high standard in the field of industrial design in China.

The 2018 China Excellent Industrial Design Award is conducive to the comprehensive display of China’s excellent industrial design achievements in recent years, improve

the level of social awareness, and create a good environment for development.

The second China Industrial Design Exhibition was successfully held in Wuhan, Hubei province from 23 to 25 November 2018 at the direction of the Ministry of Industry and

Information Technology, Wuhan Municipal Government, international Economic and Technological Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

and Wuhan Economic and Information Technology Commission. The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held at the same time as the award ceremony of the 2018 China

Excellent Industrial Design Award.   With the theme of “Design promotes high-quality development”, more than 550 enterprises and more than 2,600 pieces of works from more

than 30 provinces  participated in the exhibition.


Under the background of lack of high pressure air compressor without oil Nanjing Shangair company uses reverse thinking, the concept of derivative fusion, combined with domestic

and foreign similar products in the problems in the operation of the exposed, six years of independent research and development and optimization design, and successfully listed on the product. 0af0936fc1e24f0c6d44914f4b165b0

Shangair M type symmetrical balance type water-cooling oil-free air compressor can save 1/3 energy than traditional Angle type oilless air compressor .The success of this series of products

can serve customers with whole life cycle of 360 degrees, effective intelligence and intelligent analysis, dynamic coordination functions such as maintenance, equipment, high quality to provide

intelligent manufacturing services, helping our clients achieve efficiency to speed up.This product can not only be used in PET bottle blowing industry, but also can be used in military industry,

aerospace and other high-end fields.On the basis of breaking the monopoly of foreign products in the high-end field and effectively reducing the operating cost of customers, it makes more

contributions to social energy conservation and emission reduction.

Post time: Sep-02-2020