M-type Opposed Balanced Reciprocating Oil free High Pressure Air Compressor


M-type Opposed Balanced Reciprocating Oil free High Pressure Air Compressor  is a new high lever series. 

Comparing to normal compressors, This oil free compressor has some advantages :

  • Water cooling:fully oil-free
  • Advanced built-in balancing structure; operation without vibration; no need of shockproof measures
  • Three-stage flow rate control(0%~50%~100%),significantly reducing energy consumption
  • Silence design, operation noise is less than 85dB(A)
  • Anti-corrosion,durability,multi-point monitoring , and automated-control water cooling system to ensure the body is always kept in the best status
  • Air valve,stuffing ,piston ring ,guide ring and other key parts were imported and customized to ensure maintenance period of more than 8000 hours
  • Belt imported from Germany, with anti-shaking device developed by shangair,to ensure steady operation of the compressor sets.
  • Four-stage compression and double -acting cylinder design leads to least leakage and wearing, thus reducing energy consumption
  • Perfectly-matching frequency variable control and harmonic filtration protection to ensure smooth operation of the compressor sets and achieve energy-saving affect of 60%
  • Integrated disassembling design for easy movement and installation
  • Be able to reliably and effeciently operate in such special environment as high altitude ,high and low temperature ,and high humidity.

We can customize water-cooling and oil free booster air compressor according to customer requirement.

Post time: Sep-10-2021