Introduction to Semi-automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Our company specializes in producing bottle blowing machine, air compressor, air dryer, air tank and other supporting machines and spare parts.


Semi-automatic  bottle blowing machine with 2 cavities, the new model of our company, is the two-steps machine used for the preform of PET, PP bottles, and for the blowing of mineral water bottles, beverage bottles and other containers with complicated. The rotary Infrared Heater is employed to heat bottle preforms, and Mold Clamping with Double Crank Arm was used to ensures sound clamping of mold under high pressure. Both manual and semi-automatic operations are available to this machine. Our machine have the advantages of cost-saving, compact in size, convenient to operate, reasonably structured and safety

This machine consists of a main machine and a rotary Infrared heater. The two-step blowing procedures is: first put PET preforms in the rotary Infrared heater to soften it into elastic conditions, then put it into the mold for stretching and blowing into shape. Through above process products with higher tensile strength, compression resistance and transparency is obtained.
The clamping part of the machine consists of a clamping magnetic valve, front fixing plate, middle active plate, rear fixed platen, Clamping die cylinder, and Crankshaft connecting rod. The movement of middle active plate in front and back result in the opening
and closing of mold.
The stretching and blowing parts are composed of stretching cylinder , stretching rod ,sealing cylinder, stretching magnetic valve, blowing magnetic valve and air road system. During operation, open the stretching magnetic valve and let the air push the cylinder piston, thus at the same time drive the stretching magnetic valve and sealing cylinder to fall over the bottle preforms under mold clamping, the sealing cylinder seals the opening of preforms immediately and while the blowing magnetic valve blows the preform through the sealed head to bottle shape as designed.

The pre-heating part consists of Main electric machine, Frequency Converter, Small vehicle and Heating lamp tube etc. The main electric machine drives the chain wheel so as to let the Small vehicle rotate the performs holder while they moves slowly in the heating zone of Infrared heater, to have the preforms heated equably, eventually improve the quality of product.

Post time: Aug-13-2021