28mm PCO1810 PCO1881 Water Bottle Pet Preform

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Material Food grade pet

Neck size 

28mm PCO1810
28mm PCO1881
Weight PCO1810: 18g, 21g, 23g, 25g, 29g, 32g, 35g, 38g, 42g, 45g, 50g, 53g
PCO1881: 13.5g, 18g, 19g, 20g, 48g
MOQ 50000
Color Transparent or customized

28mmpco 1810 and pco 1881 neck size pet preform are mostly used in Carbonated drinks. 

For some soda water and mineral water,it's also a better choice.

Sunswell leads the market in the field of machinery and process technology for liquid packaging. 

Our preforms have high reputation in competitive price and high quality.

We have many kinds of preforms which can be blown to bottle from 10ml to 5gallon. Our preforms are suitable for purified mineral water bottle, medicine bottle, beverage bottle, oil bottle, lampshade etc. We can produce any kinds of preform in accord with customer requirement.

The features of our bottle perform: High transparency and blowing yield,which is greatly favored by the extensive clients. With the business idea of integrity,we considered what our customer thought and won the great public praise in client group.We get increasing number of old customers and many new customers who learned our brand, which is the reason why we can succeed.

The preforms are made of PET materials which has past the health organization authorization of Chinese government.


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